Find the horse of your dreams today!

Although horses all over the world speak the same language, each client who wants to buy the horse has individual wishes and needs. We recognize very well all the horses for sale and know the history, character, reacting and taking into account your wishes, we will select new friend the most suitable for you.

We love and take care of each our horse for sale, keep in the best horse stables and under the supervision of horse supervisors, and each horse is waiting for new hosts. All horses for sale can participate in a competition and seek for new victories. You can purchase horses trained in various disciplines: figure horse riding, show jumping, triathlon, trotter horses, endurance, and harness race.

Our zoo veterinary technicians, veterinarians, and trainers take care of the horse should be the good origin, should have good exterior and sports properties. Professional and constant supervision of specialists helps to foster high horse breeding value.

We sell grown and trained horses of different breeds not only in Lithuania but also abroad.

If you will arrive, you could be acquainted with the live horse you are interested in, pat it, and ride.

We can sell horses we take care about, in order to achieve the best results together!

At present, we sell these horses:

SAVANNA, the discipline figure riding

HAMMER, the discipline figure riding

EROS Q, the discipline figure riding